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The Twins Supermarket

The Twins Supermarket


Product Description

The Twins PLC, established in 1991, is an organization which is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of toilet and napkin tissue papers and imports of various consumables and baby products in Ethiopia.

The Twins PLC is well known in Ethiopia for importing baby products, primarily cereals and diapers. These products have proven to be popular with infants and parents alike. With ISO 22000 certified suppliers in the Middle East, i.e. Sleepy Diapers & Baby Wipes, RIRI baby cereals and Mother’s Choice baby cereals, our imported products have successfully achieved customer satisfaction and recognition in the Ethiopian market. Located on the same road as its head office on Haile Gebreselassie Street, the company also has a supermarket providing various local and international goods.

Twins Computers is a division within the company that imports DELL brand computers (both Refurbished & New), TOSHIBA laptops, HP printers and various computer accessories. Located in the Piassa area of Addis Ababa, this store caters for local redistributors and walk-in customers.


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